Gutter Replacement

Did you know how important of a role gutters play in the protection of your home? Poor gutter systems can be a constant hassle for homeowners who experience a high volume of leaves throughout the year. Leaving them with unnecessary expenses and constant maintenance to keep clean. When gutters and downspouts clog it doesn’t allow for proper drainage, that can quickly result in flooding. Water flow from over the gutters often collects at the foundation of your home, rather than away from it, often resulting in basement or first floor flooding and even foundation damage.

Griffith Exteriors’ mission is to not only improve the appearance of your homes exterior, but also its functionality. Our seamless gutter systems help to keep your home safe from water damage! Griffith Exteriors offers modern traditional aluminum gutters as well as copper gutters that are a beautiful accent to any home. When properly installed they create a very efficient drainage system. Put an end to outdated, high maintenance gutters and let us help you choose the best gutter system to improve the functionality of your home.

Leaf Protection

Are you fed up with having to constantly clean your gutters? Griffith Exteriors offers additional Leaf Guard Systems that puts an end to clogged gutters! Leaf Relief systems are designed with guards that allow water to reach the gutters while keeping leaves and debris out! Other gutter guard systems can still become clogged and become keep clean and clear because of the guard in place. Let our knowledgeable staff help you decide if this option is right for you!